Why People Are So Rude on the Internet

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Have you ever been on YouTube, someone else’s blog or Tumblr, or even a celebrity Twitter account only to scroll down to the comments and see the meanest words ever written?

There are two things I have never understood about people.

  1. Why do they allow the opinions of others to get them ticked off enough to leave nasty feedback?
  2. Why do people think it’s acceptable to communicate rudely with others, just because the person on the receiving end doesn’t know them and cannot see them?

We all use the Web to express ourselves in some kind of way. We use forums like our blogs, social media, video and photo sharing sites to make a statement and communicate a message. The Internet is supposed to be the place where we can share our thoughts and views whether or not people agree with us and often enough, we’re blessed to run into others who do!

Then on the other hand, this opens the forum for rudeness. Internet rudeness is cruelty on another level. People say things to strangers that they’d probably never say in person. I see comments underneath videos where viewers write the harshest things. A few examples:

The most lovely woman had a video on YT, showing people how to make a vegan cheesecake. The comments below read, “This is so dumb,” “Vegans are idiots,” “She’s so ugly.” Granted, everyone gets their share of hatred and trolling no matter what. But what’s really in the depths of people’s hearts if they have no conscience about the things they say to others?

A girl around 16 years old enjoys doing DIY fashion and beauty projects. She gets called a slut…

Obviously there have been way worse comments but I don’t care to rehash them. At times, they were directed at me. If I disagree with an atheist in a forum where I’m allowed to express my Christian values, I get called all sorts of names. I’m somehow a bible-thumping whore? I mean if you’re going to insult me at least leave out the oxymorons. I didn’t go preaching to these people or judging them; I just made a statement. They’re the ones who refuse to be tolerant toward me…but I’m the closed-minded bigot?

And how about the way strangers talk to each other in comment sections. No one can just civilly disagree anymore. Someone always has to be an idiotic t***-faced b****. Why? What is wrong with people at the core of their spirit where they can’t peacefully discuss their differences? They don’t even want to. It’s as if they get a high from attacking people they don’t know and probably will never meet!

Recently, one of my favorite natural hair gurus on YT finally had enough of the hatred on her own vlog. She and her husband have a baby girl who just turned 1 and she’s been sharing their private lives with her subscribers for a while now. People have been commenting that “she doesn’t do anything around the house,” “she must be lazy because her ‘poor husband’ seems to do all the cooking and cleaning while she just sits on the couch,” “and the apartment is a mess.”

Wow! Look at the judgment that comes from people who only see a 10-15 minute clip of someone’s whole life! My girl Naptural85 whipped out her camera and told all those haters to go crawl under a rock because she and her husband share the work load. Most of her work takes place on the computer and that includes editing videos! Not to mention it’s not easy to keep the house looking spotless with a 1-year old crawling around and getting into things all the time. But oh how people love to make assumptions.

Jimmy Kimmel sometimes does this segment on his show called Celebrity Mean Tweets where he asks celebrities to read the meanest tweets from their Twitter pages. Humorous as it may be, the segment reminds us that Hollywood is full of human beings with feelings, not rich and famous robots.

This may seem like a silly post and you may be expecting me at any moment now to ask you to join hands with random people and sing Kumbaya. But I just don’t see why we can’t be nice to each other. What’s wrong with responding kindly to someone when they don’t see something your way? How do people make judgments about people they don’t know and talk to them as if they don’t have feelings?

Honestly, I want to know where people get off being rude to others for no reason. Cyberbullies, if you weren’t hiding behind a screen would you have so much chutzpah then? Would you talk to strangers in real life the same way you do on the Internet or would you bite your tongue in fear of having your teeth knocked out? If someone were as rude to you as you are to others, could you take what you dish out?

Lesson is: You don’t have to like everything that’s said in the World Wide Web. That’s why it’s here. To give everyone a voice. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.

And by the way, it’s sad that I have to write this as if I’m talking to children. I’m sure at some point in life, SOMEONE told us to be nice to one another. When did we forget this basic human principle?


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